Light of Day Canada 12:
Online Festival Night 1

February 19th, 2021

Show Time: 7:00 PM
Contact Information
Dave Rotella


Tom Morello 7:00 PM
John Cafferty 7:00 PM
Wayne Kramer 7:00 PM
Chris Koster (Glorious Sons) 7:00 PM
Jake Clemons 7:00 PM
Joe D’Urso 7:00 PM
Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls 7:00 PM
Eddie Manion 7:00 PM
Bobby Mahoney & The Seventh Son 7:00 PM
Dave Rave & The Second Responders 7:00 PM
The Partland Brothers 7:00 PM
Danny Gochnour 7:00 PM
Peter Elkas 7:00 PM
Strumberry Pie 7:00 PM
Ron LaSalle 7:00 PM
Milly 7:00 PM
The Mandevilles 7:00 PM
Frankie Pietrangelo 7:00 PM
Evan Rotella 7:00 PM
Cory Cruise 7:00 PM
Jake Thistle 7:00 PM
Jake Mathison 7:00 PM
Taylor Davis 7:00 PM
Jakeb Prentice 7:00 PM

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